I miss who I was – this drug deadens feelings and I’d rather have feelings than not. Also I am angry that someone knows – that is not delusional. That is a disclosure of personal information that I regret telling someone. That is a stigma that can stay even if I get off it.

I really didn’t want to go on drugs and I really regret agreeing. Should have stayed on St Johns Wort and given it more of a go. Not ashamed of St John’s Wort. There was nothing wrong with me anyhow. I was a feeling person who was just going thru an identity crisis.

I don’t have mental illness and I don’t want to be labelled as such – especially coz it’s not true. I think emotions are healthy and I could have got through that patch with other means. I cannot get over that she knows and will stigmatize my situation even after I stop being on anything. I am so annoyed.

Lee Sweet