• One of the things we discussed was about your feelings towards the psychologist and doctor appointments and my contact with them prior to you consultations. I clarified my sole motivation was to provide a little background from someone who has lived with you for the last 18 years. Having observed the gradual increase in distress with your thoughts, anxiety and ruminations, and decline in function and personality change, the order of development is sometimes important for the assessment. While I am not a specialist, and I am NOT your doctor, but in my experience as a Family Physician, doctors appreciate and understand caring family members wanting to contribute some relevant history.
  • I want us to get the correct treatment – we shouldn’t be focusing on the name of the diagnosis. I know its hard, but issues of stigma shouldn’t be a reason to avoid treatment, continue your suffering and risk a much worse situation. If you don’t want me speaking to those doctors, just ask me – I will respect whatever you choose. Please dont shut me out because of that. As your husband, please keep me in the loop with your appointments, your treatment and progress. I only want the same thing as you – to recover fast, to get back control of your thoughts, and move foward with your life without worrying about meds/stigma etc.