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Using the system described in Loving Someone with Bipolar Disorder, here is the list I came up with for my wife, for anxiety state:


1st DRAFT – done by myself… hoping to have my partner join me in this journey in the next 2-3 weeks months (Optimistic – I know!)


What partner says:

Severe worry about kids not having friends
I am nervous I don’t know what I’m doing
I’m sorry I’m such a nervous wreck

Relations with others:

Suspicious of friends being judgemental
Irritable and impatient with kids

Partner thoughts:

People are ignoring me
What is the purpose of life
I need to work on my ego
Difficulty with making decisions


No change, or possibly more ritalin tried

Work obligations:

Feels unconfident about abilities
Worried about being disorganised
Complete neglect / guilt of home responsibilities

What partner does:

Overanalyzes everything
Ruminates about social interactions
Worries for kids futures, because of our failures

Sexual behavious:

Loss of libido

Physical signs:

Feeling agitated and teary
Face looks preoccupied or lost

Eating & drugs:

Eats more chocolate and junk food

Changes in daily activities:

Hours spent online looking into source of pain
Breaks in usual exercise, learning, prayer routine
More tired
Trouble focussing on work around the house
Doesn’t want to speak to or see friends

Spending behaviour:

Worried about spending every dollar
Guilty for not cooking more, to save money

Sleep schedule:

Sometime agitated sleep
Early morning waking

Exercise level:

Reduced exercise due to tiredness