I am feeling weird, buzzing, a bit strange, somewhat difficult to explain.  This week was really busy, productive, with some significant developments. Also, I’ve had trouble sleeping and thoughts racing a little faster than usual.  Actually, although this strange feeling feels positive, it’s also a little unsettling and worried me slightly.  I spoke to a close friend who gave me some perspective. It could that since I’ve been highly stressed for some time, when the stress lessens, even slightly, there is natural tendency to feel pleasant, but possibly unfamiliar release of emotions.

As I tried to explain to Dyane in a reply to her comment, I guess the best way to describe it, is that the events of the last few days seem to be aligning in a very positive way. It’s by no means been easy, but there is a significant shift between my wife and me in dealing with our difficulties. Using a fishing analogy, it’s like I’ve been tugging on our fishing line with the hook snagged on a rock, then suddenly it breaks free and I can wind in the line again (feeling progress, growth, healing).

In the last few days I discovered a new blog by a woman with bipolar disorder, who offers life coaching services, I stumbled across standupformentalhealth (reminder for importance of laughter), my wife and me saw a musical with intense mental health themes, especially relating to stigma (will post more about this too soon) and I was referred to Vic’s blog, which has some excellent old posts by a guy dealing with usual challenges of life with a bipolar wife, which is exactly what I needed (a partner’s perspective).

All of this overwhelmed me somewhat, making it difficult to find the time to write.  But I finally did it.  Please comment or ask questions & stay tuned for more developments…