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Blogging is helping me in so many different ways, as my wife recently noticed, such that I really wanted my wife to share in the benefits with me.  As the last few posts showed, she dipped her toe into the blogosphere ocean, but now has expressed reluctance to continue contributing personally.

Do you ever feel that sometimes, you’ve worked very hard for something, done everything as best as you could, but yet it hasn’t worked out as you hoped.  This is how I feel.  I sincerely appreciate all the comments and encouraging feedback readers shared in response to my wife’s recent posts.  It’s not gone unnoticed.  Actually, it’s likely to have planted a seed of the potential of blogging within my wife.  In fact, this hiccup (I hope only temporary) has motivated me to continue exploring the benefits and barriers to ‘blogging therapy’, especially for newbie bloggers like us (check out “The Kicker” post, coming out by Sunday).

Clearly, there is the issue of ‘timing’.  My wife’s mood has still not stabilized since the latest mood crisis which started 4-5 weeks ago.  She continues to struggle, with all her already sapped energy, against the diagnosis label. I thought her blogging about these feeling could only be helpful – but it’s probably just a little too soon.  For now, she’s retreated back from the blogosphere, to relative social isolation, but there’s still support from therapy, possible coaching and few friends that she partly confides in.

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The KICKER: google defines as “an unexpected and often unpleasant discovery or turn of events”… post coming out by Sunday