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KICKER: google defines as “an unexpected and often unpleasant discovery or turn of events”

I have 2 Kickers – one relatively unpleasant, and the other quite a positive boost to my confidence and motivation regarding blogging.  Overall, I have found everyone in the mental health blogging community to be so welcoming, friendly, helpful, compassionate and supportive.

Then recently, when looking at options to increase readership, in order to increase emotional health benefits to me and my wife through increased feedback and public interaction, I applied for my blog to be added to small blogging network.  The response was incredibly harsh, condescending and rude – frankly, I was shocked.    I dread to think of the reaction that someone with mental health or self-esteem issues would have had receiving such a response like this!  I assume it could have been a misunderstanding or just a deep message from a Higher Power, that I’m losing focus on writing purely for it’s creative healing qualities.  Or alternatively, I could interpret it as a character building experience, to trigger me to create a network of newbie bloggers, particularly aiming to help sufferers (and their spouses) with mental health conditions.  There are some excellent forums, like psychcentral, but blogging is different, as I’ll continue to explore in the coming weeks.

Now the positive turn of events – the next morning, I received request from Jason to reblog a recent post from our dialogue, to his blog (Harsh Reality) with 55000+ followers.  I know there may be some mutual benefit to him using our posting, but the effect on my blog views and more importantly on my ‘blog motivation’ was immediate.  I want to publicly thank Jason, whose personal story and supportive, friendly spirit, should inspire us all to push on despite hardship or hurdles in our path.

And similarly, my friend BipolarFirst reblogged my latest post, on Friday.  It’s hard to find the right words to describe the appreciation I have for her comments and support. She was spot on with her recent comment on her site: “It is true that the online community is powerful….maybe someday it will translate into the ‘real’ world.”  The power of the blogasphere has positively affected my real world – I would love to explore how expand this to the greater ‘real world’ community too.  Ideas anyone??