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(Background:  In spirit of Thanksgiving weekend, here is a recent thankfulness email from wife, sent 2 weeks ago – see Hubby reply in comments and leave a comment yourself)

Dear Darling Husband,

I just want to tell you how much I really appreciated our talk on Friday night (and the one last night too). On Friday night you showed me how you can listen to my concerns and worries without judging or criticizing me but instead, just being there for me – to listen and reassure me lovingly and gently. It made me feel so much better. I felt safe, loved, cared for and protected. You didn’t have to understand or believe the content of my concerns, but you understood me as a person and my need for your unconditional love, support and reassurance.

Thanks also for your support and perspective last night too. I am glad we can share these difficult situations with each other in an open, sharing dialogue.

You are an awesome husband and friend. I really appreciate you.

Thank you.