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Since I noticed my best blog hit day happened on a Friday, after posting some light hearted humor, I thought I should try the combination regularly – hence, Funny Fridays.

Here I will try share some funny thoughts, anecdotes or even plagiarized jokes (with recognition, of course).

This week, all orignals (i think), mostly stupid.  If you don’t get it, move on… any joke that needs an explanation is clearly not a GOOD joke.  Actually, writing good, original jokes is a great challenge – if you’re brave, try it out and share in comments.  Or feel free to try improve one of these by ‘rewording’.


  • Stick/roll on deodorant are apparently good for the environment.  They don’t work for me at all, so they’re not good for MY environment.  PYOO (pronounced pee-YOO)
  • Why is my Wife always on the internet?    Because she’s my WiFi  (read: ‘Wifey’)

wifey http://wifinetnews.com/archives/site-specific/humor/


  • True story: Recently, I shared with my wife an article from Psychcentral, Learn about Procrastination.  After reading the first part of the interesting article, I suggested we look at the second part, strategies to stop procrastination.  Her response:  “Let’s look at it  tomorrow“!!