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I unexpectedly did a little personal experiment. I haven’t written in my online journal (ie blog) for 1 week now and I notice the difference – in a negative way.  It’s not that I had nothing to write about, because there’s always something going on.  In this case, the primary reason is probably that I have not created the designated time, set aside for this personal writing.  I am sure this is a common problem, which can delay or even derail the many benefits that blogging may provide.  This is the same for any new health promoting activity, such as exercise or meditation.  Critical tip to self (and anyone else who’s reading) – set a fixed time for blogging, while allowing for some flexibility.

Here’s the really interesting thing.  During this week of ‘fasting’ from blogging, I found myself coming up with justifications for why I haven’t been writing (I am wondering what misguided excuses others might have – please share in comments)

  • I have nothing interesting to share in the blogosphere – don’t want to bore everyone with my bullshit
  • I don’t like the pressure of having to create something – mental laziness
  • Am I getting addicted to blogging? – maybe it’s not good for me
  • I don’t have enough time for everything I am currently doing, even without blogging – too busy with real life

In writing this post, I discovered others who also explored a very similar list of stupid reasons people don’t blog.  While this author had his own reasons why these reasons are lies, my perspective is more about clarifying the goal of the blogging experience.

Once someone decides that their primary goal in blogging is to experience psychological relief through the open expression of strong emotions (ie catharsis), then most of these excuses become irrelevant.  Blogging is healthy.  If it becomes addicting, like some people get addicted to running, then great.  Finally, another healthy addiction.  Don’t have time – make time.  Lazy – just start… one key at a T-I-M-E!  LOL

Whoa – I feel so much better already!  I can’t wait till my next writing session, for this week’s Funny Friday.