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Last night I had a bad dream.  Really quite traumatic.

It started out nice.  Sunny, warm day. Exotic island (?Greece).  My wife and I were swimming in the beautiful blue water.  Very calm sea.  Gentle breeze blowing.

My wife felt like a rest, so she headed back to the beach.  Then suddenly, I hear a helicopter noise in the distance, with it’s increasing noise grabbing my attention.  I immediately noticed it was out of control, flying directly towards my wife.  I screamed to my wife to try duck down, under the water, but it was too late.

If the outcome wasn’t so tragic, it might actually be ‘funny’, in a black comedy sort of way.  A couple minutes after the splash settled, I realized my wife hadn’t surfaced.  I swam toward where I last saw her, diving down as fast as I could go.  In shock, I discovered her lifeless body near the bottom – I grabbed her, pulled her to the surface, then dragged her to the beach.

Instinctively, I began performing CPR, while looking around for someone to call for help.  Strangely, there wasn’t anyone around.  I frantically continued chest compressions & ‘mouth-to-mouth’ continuously, hoping / praying for a miracle.  This continued for what seemed like an eternity.  I just couldn’t stop, couldn’t accept that I lost my soulmate………………………

…until I woke up.  In the morning, after sobbing quietly, I got enough guts to tell my wife about it.

Then my wife offered me a hug – isn’t she so sweet!

Then I complained to her:

“I never usually remember my dreams… why don’t I ever wake up from good dreams?”

Without hesitation, my wife responded:

“Because the good dreams are for real life”