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After nearly 3 months of blogging, I thought it was time to give a real ‘face’ to dialogueftdepths through the gravatar of bittersweet1976.


I thought about searching for stock photos of some pretty looking guys / gals and choosing one as our online identity. I even considered using a photo of my hand or back of my head. Then my 11 year old daughter sent me this drawing she did on computer.

I am so proud of this artistic creation, which was originally produced exactly as the half face that is depicted, with an amazing resemblance of my daughter and my wife – it was so perfect. My wife pointed out that using it creates a very slight risk of our daughter discovering our anonymous blog, but I think it’s worth the risk – what do you think?

This raises a common blogging dilemma. In some ways it would be easier to blog as my real self, being able to share more about my family and community, but then again, the ‘journalling’ experience would be dampened by a natural resistance to share deep, sensative thoughts and emotions with people in our everyday real life. This cathartic experience is a huge element of the benefits of blogging as therapy concept.

Based on this reasoning, unless there is an exceptional circumstance, I would think that new bloggers wanting the therapeutic benefits of more free emotional expression, start their blog with an anonymous identity. Removing anonymity can always be done in the future, but going from a true identity to anonymous, is obviously impossible without starting over.

NOTE: The bittersweet1976 username is now specific to Lee (wife) – From 1st January 2016, Hubby is using hubby1974, with sunset Gravatar, for his posts/comments. Sorry for any confusion.