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When I shared my recent flashback post with my wife before posting in the blogosphere, she questioned the appropriateness of sharing such personal feelings online, but ‘approved it’ before I published.  Her sensative nature is actually very positive, challenging me to look deeply at myself, and keeps me honest about doing things for the right reasons.

Depending on her mood, her attitude about blogging vacillates between ambivalent and positive – not usually negative.  The issue I introduce below, triggered from her reaction to my recent post, could be interpreted as a negative perspective, but this is not generally where she’s holding.

Is reading other peoples personal blogs like virtual voyeurism? Is blogging personal feelings about health issues, relationships and family issues, like virtual exhibitionism (flashing, mooning, exposing onself)?

I think a great example of this is my friend Jess, who has some very graphic posts (without pictures) about her struggles with hypersexuality,  associated with bipolar disorder.  I don’t think she’ll be upset with me referencing her, at least not while she’s hypomanic!  But I wonder how many readers feel a little ‘voyeuristic’ when reading her account of infidelity.  And besides the standard warning about potential triggering, Jess feels the need to infer that she’s not trying to be an ‘exhibitionist’ when she writes:  “I don’t write this shit to sell myself” or “for blog traffic”.

When you consider these above questions (in bold), you might have some strong reactions – tell me about it in comments.

My initial reaction was that these loaded questions can only be coming from someone who has never experienced blogging directly, someone who doesn’t understand the blogosphere community. But it’s interesting to hear perspectives like this, which can help clarify what are the aspects of blogging that make it a health-promoting activity and not a deviant club of perverts.

Can we just explain to someone with these negative concerns that they simply need to try it out to reveal their distorted perspective, or is there a more intellectual response that could adequately describe the differences between:

  • Friendship  vs  Flirting/flashing
  • EXtending a hand  vs  EXposing onself
  • Developing community  vs  Degrading the family unit
  • Caring  vs  Curious
  • Being supportive  vs  Being nosey
  • A Therapeutic activity  vs  A Teasing / Traumatic / Tiggering activity

As usual, I appreciate the time you took in reading these ramblings – if you have any feedback, I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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