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I realised after my last post, that I may have given the impression that there’s something wrong with being a Blogger. And if you didn’t get that impression, that’s great!  When I looked back over the post in response to the comments, I noticed I said: “I wasn’t looking to become a ‘blogger’.”

Subconsciously, this statement may have come from an occasional low-level tension between me and my wife, over the time I spend blogging.  I accept this has increased over the last few weeks, but it’s not alot.

You see… my wife is seriously addicted to her cell phone – mostly texting, sometimes email and web browsing (more about this below).  But when I try point out to her how much it’s impacting on our relationship and family dynamics, she  snaps back “What about your blogging!?!”

This is not fair, but I have a hard time explaining succinctly, why. If I’m blogging, but still get enough sleep, continue working as full-time physician, able to hold a 5-minute conversation with my wife and be attentive to kids need for ‘Daddy-time’, then there shouldn’t be a problem with my blogging, right?!?

So I want to make it clear: There’s nothing wrong with being a Blogger, as part of a healthy, balanced life.  There are lots of reasons why people choose to blog, and reasons can change over time.  Some use blogging as an online journal, others might wish to network and others simply as an entertainment hobby.  I must admit, though – blogging has the potential to become quite addictive.

It seems clear, cell phone addiction has become even more common and disabling for its sufferers.  There are more than a dozen smartphone apps designed to help break the addiction.  I have tried one of these apps on my wife’s phone – after 4 hours of phone use, it stops counting!  As I’ve described above, talking directly to my wife hasn’t helped.  So I have decided to try with humor… let me know if you have other suggestions.

Preview for this weeks Funny Friday:  Cell Phone Addiction is NOT Funny.

funny-picture-cartoon-man-cone-phoneDog-owners will love this…