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LOTS & LOTS of laughs here – have a nice holiday weekend, ENJOY!

This sums up my last post, PERFECTLY!comics-addiction-smartphone-dependence-1893623

 Source: joyreactor.com 

It would feel alot funnier if this exact thing wasn’t happening to us.

I had planned to write an intro about the seriousness of cell phone addiction and what to do about it (nice WebMD article), but I have too many quotes, jokes and videos to share.


Sources: searchquotes.com & glamourcatwalks.wordpress.com



You know your partner is addicted to texting when (all these have happened):

  • You have to resort to texting them when you’d like a hug
  • Verbal conversation with your partner includes saying LOLs, BTWs etc
  • On date-night, your partner contantly says: “just one more”, not referring to a kiss/hug
  • Your partner checks for new messages in the morning, before peeing!  (VERY COMMON)
  • You wife has dropped her phone in the bath tub.
  • You show your wife these jokes & she doesn’t laugh!


** We live in a world where losing your iPhone is way more dramatic than losing your virginity.

** My iPhone seems to be broke. I pressed the ‘home’ button but I’m still at school…

** A man walks in a bar with his iphone…
He suddenly realises he needs to fart.
He logs into Itunes and ups the volume thinking ‘the music is loud no one will hear’
So he farts…
When he looks around, everyone is staring at him
Then he realises…
He was listening to his iphone with headphones.

Source for ones with **: jokes4us.com

Itsathought, one of my latest followers, would appreciate this last joke!


 Sources: daily.bhaskar.com, ba-bamail.com & pcweenies.com



WTF: Someone has even created an App to allow people to avoid these ‘texting while walking’ accidents!!


Finally, Seinfeld is a personal favorite of mine (cell phone jokes first 3min)