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Everyone in the blogosphere seems to be writing ‘end of year reflections’ on their blogging acheivements (congratulations Sandra!) in 2015, so I’ve decided to join in.

Last week, I already reflected on reaching my 50-follower milestone (now 81) in The Follower Chase post.  Looking back at the ideas and comments there, I see how much blogging has helped with emotional release (catharsis) and general support with my family’s struggles.  But there are still aspects of the blogging experience that don’t resonate with me.  This may change, but I don’t think it’s just because I’m a new blogger.

I’m not into the blog statistics (so won’t be sharing), I’m uncertain about social media and I don’t enjoy posting ‘random’ comments on other peoples blogs for self-promotion. There is nothing wrong if you do.  Maybe it’s just because I am actually shy, by nature.  Introverted. Being pushed to interact with others in the blogosphere has stretched my comfort zone, which is probably a good thing.  Still needing to figure out the right blog /real life balance for optimal well-being.

The most important recent discovery I found in the WordPress blogging platform is the option to add more contributors to the blog.  Simple enough – I know.  So I created an identity for myself (hubby1974), separate from the original username (bittersweet1976), originally designated for my wife and me to share.  ‘Separating identities’ is difficult for me – it goes against a critical marital aspiration to become as ‘one’, as many of my posts have reflected. At the same time, it’s probably healthy to respect the separate identities, within the unity.  Who would have thought… that such a simple thing such as a new wordpress username, would lead to such a deep epiphany!

And I hope this doesn’t confuse everyone – but from tomorrow (2016), I will be posting/commenting as hubby1974, and my wife’s posts will be as bittersweet1976, whenever she’s ready. 😉