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For the purposes of this personal blog, I find my best inspiration comes from looking back at stuff I’ve written in the last couple of weeks, hooking onto something that I was thinking and then expanding & continuing the flow of ideas.  This can sometimes seem a bit repetative or boring for readers, but you are not my primary motivation (no offense intended 😛 ).  I find that blogging encourages me to be more conscious and introspective about my personal growth and character development, in the context of relationship and family issues.

A good example, from the last sentence I just wrote, is that I notice I can be very WORDY.  (I don’t even know if that’s a word!)  This is not only when writing, but also when speaking.  I’d like to learn to be more succinct, brief, to the point.  I know this can be learned – I see improvement already!

As I mentioned in last week’s New Year post, I am naturally shy.  So blogging has been an interesting challenge.  Actually, it’s perfect for shy people, because I can ‘hide’ behind anonymity and still befriend hundreds of people.  Really quite amazing actually.  My wife asked jokingly, whether my blogging friends can help me become less shy in real life.  Has anyone experienced this – blogging increasing confidence in real life interactions?

When I was browsing some bloggers’ WordPress annual reports for 2015, I discovered something interesting in Kitt’s most viewed posts.  She has a very honest but fascinating post questioning why her post the day before only received 4 comments – noting that her blog had a following of ~10,000 followers.  Her post’s title “Have I Lost My Blogging Friends” (which became one of her most viewed posts, with 70+ reader’s comments) reveals a sense of vunerability and need for validation, that we all have.  I hope Kitt doesn’t mind my ‘virtual psychoanalysis‘,  😉  as I reflect on my own blogging experiences.

I fully relate to the ideas that Kitt explores in that post and it reminds me about how my recent post The Follower Chase, might be more appropriately renamed to The Comment Chase.  Stay tuned, more next time…