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just a short post, today…

I wanted to share a profound statement that my wife came up with during a recent jog we took together, to get out some of her hypomanic energy.

Quote by Lee Sweet (pen name):

Don’t be surprised by anything I do.

And yet, prepare to be surprised by EVERYTHING!

After posting about the subtlies of hypomania, I became even more sensative to my wife’s mild hypomanic signs, like… umm…

…when she finishes my sentences (mostly inaccurately), if I am speaking too slow.

I have added this to the list of her hypomanic signs in that post, with a few others that I  recently remembered.  Thanks to everyone who read, liked and especially commented.  Your comments are really helpful for clarity, support and motivation.

My wife also helped come up with the Post Title: Manic Monday Musings (love that word – musings).  An oldie, but a goodie… Enjoy!