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Hypomania is NOT Funny… but it might be FUN, for a while, until it’s NOT…

…this post was meant to be titled Hypomania is NOT Funny but, because of our recent hypomania, it’s late.  Apologies…

Quotes from me:

  • I am really frustrated with hypomania at the moment. And sometimes I love it.  😛 Sounds appropriate to consider myself ‘bipolar’.
  • You know how I know that Hypomania isn’t Funny?   Because I couldn’t find any good jokes about it online!

So let me just get something off my chest, and then we’ll get to some jokes & funny pics… Our hypomanic dance dynamics: my wife’s mood creeps up, or into ‘fast forward’ (as my wife prefers to call it currently), then at a certain point (after the early warning signs), she unconsciously reduces contact with me, develops the belief I am upset or angry at her (for taking on too much or misprioritizing our relationship/kids needs), then defensively refuses to hear anything I have to say.

At this point I have lost the opportunity to get through to her – a hypomanic wall has been raised. I have learnt that attempts to break through to her only, ironically, makes her more irritable and pushes her deeper into dysphoric hypomania. All I can do is watch her in ‘fast forward’, making cumulative minor mistakes, coming from poor judgement. The result is tension between us, issues with kids and general increasing stress on her as the she’s unable to keep up with the unrealistic schedule she set for herself.

This is becoming far too long and serious for Funny Friday, so I think I’ll pause my description of our hypomania dance till next time, when I hope to clarify for myself how to better reach out to her earlier, and what I can do when it’s ‘too late’.

Why was the manic depressive shot, skinned and eaten by Eskimos?


{} How many Bipolar People does it take to change a light-bulb?

  • It depends on what mood they are in.

{} Just because everyone’s out to get me doesn’t mean I’m not paranoid.

{} Instead of a sign that says “Do Not Disturb” I need one that says “Already Disturbed Proceed With Caution.”  (source)


Why did the manic depressive die from heat exhaustion in Equador?


The guy is sad that he is bipolar and happy that he knows and depressed he has to take meds and overjoyed that they work………….AT THE MOMENT!  Or do they???  😛   (source)


Source: latestbipolarnews.info

Why did the manic depressive decide to sleep for six months straight?


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