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Dear Hypomanic Lee,
I’m not afraid of you
And you don’t need to be afraid of me.
There are a few things I’d like you to hear
Particularly that you have nothing to fear.

Although I wanted to try this challenge of basic rhyme,
I really ought to pause because it’s taking a lot more time.
But maybe in your reply,
You might like to give it a try.
It’s clear how creative and talented you are,
You will always be MY star!
Thank you for doing the laundry and helping kids every morn’,
My appreciation is never ending, even though expressing it isn’t always the norm (anagram of morn’) 😉

I was never good at rhyme. You definitely are. When we chatted the last few days, you seem scared to admit that you might be in “fast fwd” – I get it.  You appeared worried that I wanted to take ‘you’ away, suppress that hypomanic energy.  This is not true. I have come to realise that this hypomanic state is a powerful blessing, but as with any raw energy source, if left without guidance or supervision, the power can become uncontrollable.  At that point there is no point fighting against it – I am certain to lose.

But I am not afraid.  I believe together we can harness this energy safely.  I love you, Hypomanic Lee. My goal is not to extinguish your fire, but to understand as much as possible, about your ‘normal’ vs hypomanic self (vs dysphoric hypomania), in order to not let it burn us. I have come to learn that there are many strategies that, once mastered, can give us the strength to embrace the energy – not deny or suppress it.  I want to embrace you, Hypomanic Lee. Trust me, please.  I am not afraid of you – don’t be afraid of me.

Now after all that I’ve shared,
It should be clear truly how much I have cared.
As I lie here in bed (0530),
I want to remind you of something you recently said.
Your writing to me on our blog really ‘made my week’,
So if you are so inclined, your written reply I do seek! 😛



ps Here’s a song from our favorite singer, Billy Joel, about fire energy!

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