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To followup from yesterday, I realize that without the details of a specific apology, it would be difficult to fully understand.  For now, that’s all I could share and I appreciate the comments. 😉

Maybe some of these jokes/memes will give greater insights, for us all!


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  • Teacher: What do you call a person who apologizes if he has committed a mistake ?
    Boy: An honest man.
    Teacher: Good. And what do you call a person who apologizes even if he has committed no mistake ?
    Boy: A Boyfriend (or Husband!)


  • There once was a girl who wasn’t feeling very pretty so she went to a genie to make her pretty.
    The genie told her that to make her feel pretty, he would make it so that every time someone apologized to her her boobs would increase by one size.
    So the girl is walking down the street and someone bumps into her and says, “Oh, I’m sorry,” and the woman’s boobs went up one size.
    Then someone accidentally stepped on her foot and said, “I’m sorry,” and her boobs got one size bigger.
    Then she’s walking down the street and a man from India bumps into her and says, “Oh my god! A thousand apologies!”
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This reminded me of a joke in my first Funny Friday post.

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In researching today’s post, I discovered a really great website for apologizing DOs and DONTs.  When you next need to apologize to someone, you might find it helpful.  Finally, I thought these last two pics were a cute way to end – there is nothing like makeup sex, as an apology, right?!

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