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In the spirit of the Valentine’s Day weekend, I have reblogged one of my first posts, an attempt at poetry/prose, written to my wife during the depths of our depression 1.5 years ago. This post also relates to yesterday’s Death is not Funny post and explains my blog’s tagline: Make Sweetness from the Bitterness.

Thanks to Jacqueline for the Valentines inspiration and wonderful idea for poem tag. Here’s my contribution:
The really special thing
About our love is this
When your not in my arms
Your pheromones I constantly miss!

Dialogue from the Depths

thoughts inspired by Noah – Biblical and the modern movie version

read it slowly – then read it again.

in reference to the destruction of the world by water…
what will it look like? it feels like the end of everything. no.  its the beginning of everything!

all beginnings come after something has finished. an ending. this ending feels scary. it is scary. the unknown. but faith / emunah can be found. after night comes day. after darkness comes light. the night is darkest, just before the light. after bitterness comes sweetness.

just like the pain of childbirth, definitely also a struggle for the fetus. the pressure of labor must feel like the beginning of the end, but it turns out to be the beginning of the beginning. the end of something becomes the beginning of something better. something sweeter.  this pressure, this pain must be part of transition. growth…

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