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I have never really enjoyed parties, but it seems that blog parties are different.  You see, I am naturally shy and introverted, which means I get my social nourishment from spending time with 1-2 people at a time.  It’s not that I don’t like people – it’s just that too many people at once feels overwhelming and somewhat draining.

But blog parties are different.  Thanks to Jacqueline, I experienced my first virtual Valentine’s Day party, this weekend.  For entertainment, there was a short humorous video presentation and a ‘slide show’ of delicacies to wet the appetite. My only complaint was that I was more hungry when I left, than when I got there!  There was even a creative poetry game of tag, which I’m looking forward to reading later this week. 😉  (Reblogged here)

When I first sat down I met mliae, who makes a ‘mean’ vegan egg salad, not that I’ve had a chance to try it yet.  I was really moved by Paula’s compliment about my ‘naughty’ poem fragment. She and her husband had tips for running, which was specially helpful for my son who will be running his first half-marathon in 2 weeks.  This son also happens to be vegan – thanks mliae.

Have you ever had your comments marked as spam, or received comments incorrectly placed in your spam?  Funsie has a potential hack for you.  And when Turtle and Diane popped in, the party really heated up.  They are newish, shy (and less shy) bloggers like me, who are also exploring the vast blogosphere oceans.  There are many more bloggers who I met this weekend, but these are the ones that popped by to say “Hi” (or Like 😛 )

Actually,  I attended a couple more ‘parties’ over the weekend, at Danny’s and Jason’s, and there were a number of people who followed me home!  Relationship guru Paul, giggly Stella, and creative author Jens, are all relatively new to the blogosphere and I’m pleased they joined my neighborhood.  Oh… and let’s not forget colorful Collette, and experimental author Don, for their interest in my blog.  Wait… I hear a knock at the door… it’s Itsallbuki, a quiet blogger from Lagos, who has great relationship tips – check her out!

Finally, a special extra mention to Jason for reblogging my epiphany post that sparked off my blog 1.5 years ago.  He continues to be a great blogosphere networker, especially helping us newbies.  I wish him well as he settles into his new house (self-hosted blogging)!

Have a great week, EVERYONE!