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Poetry inspired by chat with wife this morning

What are you thinking,
You say do not know.
I ask again for you to share,
because this is no show.

Slowly the words begin to flow,
from I don’t know where.
You share much about your work,
I really DO care.

Now you have so much to say
when can I respond.
I hear a potential opportunity,
I really don’t wish to abscond.

But I say something wrong,
or at least not quite right.
Thankfully, I was relieved
it did not start a fight.

You tell me after,
what you needed to hear.
I appreciate this greatly,
because it’s not always clear.

So instead of repeating,
exactly what you said to me.
I thought about rhyming it,
So you would really, really see…

I am proud of you, with all that you do,
with teaching drama, house cleaning and being Mom,
No matter which shoes.

I see the growth in your confidence,
and stronger organisational skills.
Especially the connection between us
really gives me the thrills.

Let me finish by saying
how much I love you.
It can’t be said too much
Because it’s so true.


Source: quotesgram.com & quoteaddicts.com

Now I know what tomorrow’s theme for Funny Friday will be: Poetry is NOT Funny (preview below) 0515114dffab35781749e809d8bc65c55474e5-wm.jpg

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