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It’s been some time since I wrote about denial, depression or dysphoric mania. Thankfully, we are experiencing a relatively stable period, which has allowed for us to reconnect as a couple in a really special way. My wife recently reflected on how she felt similar to when we first started ‘going out’ – how we lay in each others arms all day & night, not wanting to sleep, eat or go to university. This condition, which might be classified as being ‘lovesick’, was one the factors that led us to defer our studies and travel the world together – me 22 years old and my wife to-be only 20 yo. We got engaged 2 months into our pre-honeymoon, and then returned home 5 months later, got married (shortly after wife’s 21st B’day) and then left again for another 6 months overseas.

I digressed – my focus was on the sensation of riding the current wave of intimate connection, while feeling some mild uncertainty about when the wave may crash. I am not as worried about it this as before, because I confident that we have the tools and resources to get through any rough seas that may be ahead. Compared to 6 months ago, I feel my wife’s mood has stabilized through combination of medications, therapy and self-education, while I have worked on my own communication and stress issues, finding helpful advice and support from this blog, as well as from a close friend.

Another reason I am less worried, is that we have worked on getting perspective on what’s really important in our relationship and for our family in general.  Everyday, there are tragedies with traffic accidents, murders and illness – sorry to sound so grim… but I am sure we all would accept our partners’ annoying moods or bad habits, over losing them completely.  😦

This is one of the messages I took from the weird, satirical depiction of relationships, in the film The Lobster.  I am not surprised by the number of reviews analyzing this truely strange, black comedy, which was actually a little disturbing in parts.  I enjoyed the superficial humor and my wife and I both found interesting aspects, that triggered deeper reflection on our relationship.  I find it amusing that singles and couples both seem to find support for them to continue their current status.  It’s been quite some time since we’ve seen a movie that had this sort of affect – highly recommended! 😉

Note about Title of this post:  I find that coming up with an appropriate title, is one of the most interesting ‘challenges’ of writing a post.  Today, nothing was coming to me, hence my Insert Title HereJust curious – does anyone have any good tips for coming up with catchy post Titles??

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