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Since I missed a ‘Manic Monday’ post this week, I thought about trying a ‘Therapy Tuesday’, as replacement.

You know that a therapist is very good, when you’re actually looking forward to seeing them, every week.

This is what my wife said to me recently!  The insights that I have been writing about the last few weeks, have mainly come from couple therapy with a new therapist that has a background in Gestalt psychology, Imago and art therapy.  Today, we had our latest session – pretty intense, as usual. Probably need a few days to process before writing about it.

Just wanted to thank everyone who read, Liked and Commented on our recent poetry post.  When I started this blog, I never imagined that writing poetry would be such an awesome challenge – my wife really received it so positively.  But it is a little tiring, so recently when we had a minor misunderstanding, I appealed to my wife to let me try explain verbally, so I didn’t have to write another poem, so soon!! 😉

Finally for today, I just want to share a small selection of ‘reminders to self’, that we took from our previous couple therapy work.

Tools to take home (from ‘old’ couple therapy)

  • Weekly Date Night – something fun, turn off phones.
  • Communication tips: avoiding mind reading, avoiding ‘you’ statements.  Use “I feel…” , without attack or blame.
  • In repeated tension situations, set up agreements and stick to them:  e.g. when driving together, driver does not get told advice unless s/he asks, and no cell phone use during ride, without express okay of partner.
  • Difficult times will pass – ride it through, don’t resist (resistance is futile)