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Message from Lee, which inspired Hubby’s poetic reply (below):

I really appreciate you and I feel so proud of my ability to share these things with you and be willing and able to discuss them with you in a calm and loving, sharing way without reacting or feeling threatened or controlled or criticised or told what to do. I also feel proud that I can hear, value, and even more – WANT your opinion and know that I can still have my own and still make my own decision.  I am proud of “us” that we had the conversation that we did this morning, in the WAY that we did. I do believe that we are given these dilemmas and challenges for a reason, and I know that the most important one was to practice and succeed in our communication as we demonstrated this time.

From Hubby:

L etter

O f

V oluptuous

E cstasy


Me writing poetry is quite a feat,

So if you are ready to hear, pull up a seat.

I challenged myself to find words that are succinct,

To express the extent to which I feel we are linked.


Our talk this morning didn’t last very long,

But making the most of every opportunity, is never wrong.

I too, am proud of your ability to share,

It’s important to acknowledge it didn’t come from nowhere.


See that we’ve worked hard to learn how to talk,

It’s a bit like babies learning to walk.

The WAY we conversed was inspirational indeed,

Gives such confidence that we’re certain to succeed.


We don’t need to wait for misunderstandings to write,

Poetry can be appropriate everyday or night.

In summary, I am ecstatic that we’ve removed the ‘boxing glove’,

As a result we’ve found lots and lots of LOVE.  ❤ ❤ ❤


By Lee Sweet ©

P lace
O f
E xpression
T o
R eveal
Y ourself