Whoa – following the blogosphere can be wild ride sometimes.  I was referred by Stephanie to this honest, raw, ‘sad’ post, written by Sandra having a bad day.  The response from readers gave me ‘pause for thought’, which I am going to reflect on in my next couple of posts.  Reblogged here for context.
Note: just because Sandra was having a bad day, doesn’t mean she is sad, messed us, depressed and anxious all the time.  Much of her writing is clever and funny – check her out for yourself.

what sandra thinks

I really do try to space out my ‘sad‘ posts. I don’t want to scare everyone away. Because, you know, I’m pretty f-ing scary. Boo. So, my advance apologies. Here’s a photo I took to lessen the sting of my patheticness (not an actual word).


Okay, back to the ‘story‘…

I guess I really am going to be like this forever.

Today was that next monthly appointment I mentioned (basket case). I practiced what I was going to say… or try to say… at least a hundred times. And when she asked me, ‘how are you doing?’ I said…

‘I don’t know.’

I guess it’s better than pretending to be okay. Better than saying all right or fine. [But just so you know, fine doesn’t mean fine. The scale goes: great, good, okay, not okay, I hate you, fine.

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